Well Pumps

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Frequently Asked Questions About Well Pumps

We offer well pump repairs and installation with multiple suppliers to fulfill any and all demands.

If your well pump keeps breaking down, there’s a chance that it needs replacing. One of the signs that it might be time for a new well pump is that water is not flowing out of your faucets at its usual speed. This could indicate anything from a faulty pressure gauge to clogs in pipes or other plumbing issues. Of course, if you notice increased water usage and decreased pressure at your faucets, then it’s definitely time for a replacement.

If your water comes out brown or rust-colored, it’s likely an indication that a clog is occurring in your well system. A clog—which occurs from sediment, iron particles and other debris—can slow or halt water flow. Sometimes sediment collects around valves, pumps and plumbing connections causing a similar issue. If you see signs of rust coloring in your water, call for help from a Charles Moon Plumbing Services licensed technician.